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Applications received after this date will not be considered for testing, scheduled for September 5th, 2017, but will be retained for 1 year from submission.

Basic Training for Peace Officers, Detention Officers, Communications Officers, and Coroners is mandated by State Statute, and provided by the State of Wyoming through the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (WLEA).

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Jailable offenses are charges in which you can be sentenced to jail time.These offenses are Driving While Under the Influence, Driving While License Suspended, Cancelled or Revoked and Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance.Non-Jailable Offenses include your minor traffic citations, disorderly conducts, under age consumption of alcohol, assault and battery etc.However, the owner of the vehicle refuses to allow the repossession to take place.Officer Mann explains […]ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / August 21st @ / central on SPIKE!!

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