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After many years of prayers Moshe completely lost hope and started becoming cynical and bitter.

Seeing this, one night G-d appeared to him in his dream and said: "But Moshe, give me a chance and just once buy the ticket!

Indeed, I honestly believe that not five in a hundred of the many citations made in the course of the following pages have been set down without reference to the original sources. The mitigations of friendly popes and rulers were but small oases in a desert of arid repression. ^ ' Statuimus quod ludaei nee meretrices non audeant tangere manu panem vel fructus qui exponuntur venalcs,' &c. The law certainly left no stone unturned to prevent such friend- ships. a mezuza or parchment-roll containing certain Hebrew texts, to act as a protective amulet for the walls of his castled The Jew gave gifts to Christians on the thirty- third day of the Omer (a Jewish religious feast midway between the Passover and Pentecost), on the Feast of Esther — occasions on which Jews exchanged gifts with Jews — and, what was even more friendly, sent gifts to Christians on the festivals of the church 2. Instances of this mutual personal regard were more common in the sixteenth and succeeding centuries than is commonly believed. No more fitting close to this history suggests itself than a word of honour to those noble spirits on both sides, whom neither persecution on the one hand nor prejudice on the other could separate, for their hearts beat together in sympathetic aspiration towards all that strengthens the bonds of a common human brotherhood. Books referred to, but not actually consulted, have been omitted from both Indexes.

I have verified their quotations wherever possible. This anti-social policy was continued almost without a break until the date of the French Revolution. That this was so, that, as we shall see, personal relations between Christians and Jews were at least on occasion friendly and intimate, was not the fault of the law. On a certain Saturday a burning candle fell, and Wagenseil promptly extinguished it, for he knew that the Jews were unable to * touch fire ' on their day of rest ^. This list includes many, but not all, of the Hebrew works to which I have had direct resort in writing the previous pages.

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Needles to say, my social life was nearly non-existent.

My situation resembled the one of Moshe, a devoted Jew, who for many years prayed to G-d for a winning ticket in Lotto.

Apart from the help that I derived from his published works, I owe to Mr. In the fifteenth century the German population was rapidly recovering from the ' Bishop Venantius (end of sixth centur3'), cited by Tovey, Anglia Jiidaica^ p. The chain of repression stretched over the eighth to the eighteenth centuries. "^ The Edict is translated (into German) in full in Berliner's Geschichte der Juden in Rom, ii. 4IO Personal Relations between Jews and Christians. Church Councils in 791 and 855 intervened to put an end to this state of things. Jews visited Christians and drank wine with them, though this was against the weight of religious opinion. The ghetto's plague and the garb's disgrace helped on the efforts of theologians to deny Christian fellowship to the outcast sons of Israel. ^ Kaufmann, Die letzte Vertreibung der Juden aus Wien, p. The Hebrew Responsa literature contains a vast store of information, otherwise inaccessible, in the form of Responses by Rabbinical authorities to questions proposed to them for decision.

Moreover, a large proportion of my quotations, and almost all my citations from Responsa^ have been made at first hand. The worst feature in the unfriendly interference with the Church was that it mostly stepped in at the very moments when the masses were opening their hearts most freely to the Jews. Statutes of Avignon in Depping, Lcs Juifs dans le Moyen Age^ p. It would be impossible to summarize the measures adopted with this aim^ some of them — the institution of the ghetto and the infliction of the badge — have already been recorded at length. I have given no references to incidents which may be found in the ordinary his- torical text-books or at greater length in Giidemann and Graetz. A Jew would petition a judge on a Jewish festival to accept bail for the release of a Christian^. But the continuous action of forces devised against such friendly intercourse made themselves very strongly and universally felt. It will be noted that reference has been made to a large number of Responsa, but the list would have been much increased, had I included those which are cited merely as modern illustrations of statements in the text.

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