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She and the “Hotline Bling” singer first dated in 2012 and rekindled their romance in 2015 with a headline hitting public display of affection by kissing passionately at Sotto restaurant in Cincinnati.But Drake has been known to play the field and maybe wasn’t ready to be a one woman man.Plus, who Serena Williams, or any woman who you aren’t dating for that matter, has NOTHING to do with you.Just sayin.’ For some of you, love will never be colorblind.But the underlying factors in the racial comments directed at Williams’ engagement are problematic, and in hotep fashion, lack context around her blackness and how she can be pro-black and yet have a white fiancé.A woman who consistently spoke out about police brutality against black men in America and uses her platform and voice to push social justice issues to a larger stage in an effort to make a greater impact on her community.Apparently, the fragility of black masculinity happened to forget the name of the most decorated woman in sports history, as her engagement, for whatever reason, seemed to be a direct attack against their manhood.

After he moved onto her blonde rival, Serena reportedly said Dimitrov had a “black heart.” Serena has won every one of her matches against Maria since then without ever losing a set.Now that tennis ace Serena Williams is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian she will be hoping this love match works out better than her past romances.While she has dominated the Grand Slam circuit for years, Serena, 35, has found the game of romance harder to play. I get nervous that I will say the wrong thing,” she told Vogue about the way she behaves around guys she likes.Seeing how both Serena and Alexis are both celebrities in their respective fields, it must be crucial for them to not have their relationship all over Twitter or, heaven forbid, Reddit.It’s a good thing, then, that the only news that has been hitting the newsstands is the fact that the world number one is underperforming right now.

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