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News."I've found my guy and he's my best friend, so making it official is exciting," Shawn shared with who first broke the news."Everything is right about him." The bride wore a custom gown from Nashville-based stylist Olia Zavozina, who previously told E!It has since been claimed that the mystery lover is a handsome public-speaking guru named Richard Greene, whose clients have included US senators, Arianna Huffington, Princess Diana, Naomi Campbell and Will Smith.In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail.com, Julia - who was Larry's seventh wife - reveals how Larry and Shawn's scandalous marriage slowly crumbled thanks to multiple affairs, wild partying and out of control drug use.'She claims to be a Mormon and refuses to take a drop of alcohol yet she pops pills every day, all day.News Shawn's dress would be "timeless, unique, and different, but at the same time be something that she can look back at those pictures 20 years from today, and say, 'Wow, I made the right choice!'"The wedding took place inside a barn and the decor was mainly ivory and green. Fête Nashville's Sara Fried helped Shawn to plan the whole thing, and as she told E!Julia claims that Larry - who has been married eight times - confessed that his marriage to Shawn was beyond repair and if it wasn't for their sons Chance, 17, and Cannon, 16, still living at home, they would have divorced already.

His bilingual CD “¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés en Español y Inglés! SCHEDULE Musical Act: Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés Saturday, 1 p.m., Hoy Stage › Musical Act: Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés Sunday, 1 p.m., Hoy Stage › Abcarian is an L. A UC Berkeley graduate With a journalism degree from Boston University, she covered the last three presidential campaigns and began her career across the street from the L. Ahmed is the author of three works of fiction: “The World in My Hands,” “Good Night, Mr.She is reckless with her emails, reckless with regime change, and reckless with American lives.Our nation has been humiliated abroad and compromised by radical Islam brought onto our shores.News last spring, it was going to be one big celebration."Shawn and Andrew are both very close with their families," she noted, adding that even as the guest number grew, it would be "important that both the ceremony and reception remain very intimate.

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