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Linda recollected, “Every newspaper said that we were physically compatible. Dating is about feelings; I truly do not have such feelings. ” Although Linda did not elaborate on the reasons why she did not end up dating Raymond, perhaps meeting Philip Ng in 2007 on the set of Love Is Not All Around may have been partially the reason.The rumors almost forced us to date, making me truly consider–for a moment–whether I should try dating Raymond Lam? ” However, Linda’s thought disappeared as quickly as it surfaced, stating that she realized she did not have this feeling anymore. Linda and Philip’s romantic rumors have only gained in strength over the last 5 years.16 Feb – With his relationship out there for the public to see, Raymond Lam can finally breathe a sigh of relief.According to Popular Asians website, the actor told the media that he has meticulously planned his schedule in order to fly to Japan with girlfriend, Karena Ng.Tabloids speculated that Raymond was even partially living together with Karena, and paying for her entire family’s living expenses at luxury apartments.Raymond’s father, wealthy real estate developer, Lam Kwok Wah (林國華), allegedly disapproved of Karena due to her family background and colorful romantic past.Despite various controversies and rumours surrounding their relationship, both celebrities have decided to refrain from addressing each and every one of those speculations.28 Apr - Karena Ng has recently denied rumours that she has broken up with Raymond Lam and is now dating somebody new.

Due to the strength of the rumors, even Linda had also considered dating Raymond! Raymond Lam was Linda’s most heavily rumored costar after filming Moonlight Resonance in 2006.

Although broke-up rumors surfaced earlier, Linda only replied, “He (Philip) is a very trustworthy man. ” Linda added that she never told Raymond how she felt.

Linda indicated that she was slow in getting to know her costars. Our characters were very popular during Moonlight Resonance. To us, this was a television masterpiece, especially the first installment.

The actor, who had recently wrapped up his January concert, revealed his thoughts on his newly public relationship, saying, "Although work is important, my personal life is also equally important.

I hope to be able to openly hold my girlfriend's hand on the streets when we're out on a date.

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It's been noted that Karena and boyfriend Raymond haven't seen each other for a while, ever since the actor made a temporary move to mainland China for his new drama.

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