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I look back now and say, ‘Oh, I was a little nuts.' And I think Gillian would say the same. We get it, and forgive."The X-Files returned to a mixed reception from critics and fans but bumper ratings, with a hefty 3.35 million tuning in last Monday night.

“The X-Files” star Gillian Anderson is quietly dating Peter Morgan — the ­Oscar-nominated UK writer behind “The Queen” and “Frost/Nixon” — sources exclusively tell Page Six.

Thornton, a musician with his own band, has reportedly been seen with Miss Leoni at his gigs. But he is reported as saying that he won't get married again because it "doesn't work" for him.

president in Love Actually, has three children by his various wives, plus a four year old daughter by his current girlfriend, Connie Angland.

London-based Anderson was in town this week to launch a book with Jennifer Nadel, “We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere,” and was with Morgan at a Mo MA premiere of his new Netflix series, “The Crown, (paywall)” .

“She was telling friends she’s dating the writer from ‘The Crown,’” said a source. always says you can gauge the state of our marriage on the number of fish fingers he gets served .

David attended the showing of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ to support his rumored girlfriend and her new acting project.

Several fans snapped photos of David Duchovny at St.

A spokeswoman for Leoni said: "She is living on her own with the children in New York, but we did not want to announce it for the sake of the children until after David had received treatment for his problems."A spokesman for Thornton was unavailable for comment.Over the past year, Gillian and David have become much more public about their relationship.can deny the idea of the alien-fighting duo getting together hasn't crossed their minds now that Duchovny's divorce from Téa Leoni is final. Duchovny and Leoni have been on-again, off-again for the last six years."But in any real relationship with someone you love, that's true."She addressed her divorce for the first time in a 2014 interview with : "Listen, David gave me the two greatest gifts on the planet; I don't know how I could ever hate him.We've always loved each other, and we adore these kids."Leoni waded back into the dating pool months later with her co-star, Tim Daly.

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