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The movie's pretty lightweight as far as plot goes, but it's one of the funniest comedies out there, and Silverman and Cortese have great chemistry as wisecracking buddies. Lee Ermey (the drill sargeant from Full Metal Jacket) has a hilarious cameo as a weird guy who tries out his creepiness on Silverman but makes the mistake of catching him on a bad night. Not much more to say about this bromantic comedy than has already been said, without spoiling the movie, but this movie is the entire reason I'm in the market for a VCR again.

We called up the Melrose brain trust — series creator Darren Star and writers Dee Johnson (currently executive producer), Carol Mendelsohn (executive producer of CBS’s upcoming CSI: Cyber), and Charles Pratt, Jr. Kimberly wasn’t originally going to blow up the building.

Everyone wanted to get in on the joke about partying with the '90s host/actor/bandana-enthusiast..Cortese himself.

No doubt many of you started to wonder if you actually could hang with Mr. Since we at MTV know all about partying with him, we've put together the below quiz.

In the “SNL” oral history “Live from New York,” Mulaney came clean about it: “I would put in new jokes after dress, and sometimes he would see them right before air; it wasn’t like it was the first time he ever saw it on the cue card.

I would say, ‘This is now this, this is now this, this is now that.'” “It was definitely a group effort,” he added.

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Over the weekend, Bill Hader hosted "Saturday Night Live" and brought his much-beloved character Stefon back to "Weekend Update." During his usual recommendations for seriously unusual night clubs in "New New York," Stefon name-dropped MTV's Dan Cortese multiple times.

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