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Caption: Dave Kovac was proposing Angelina Pivarnick at a red carpet event in February 2011.After being deserted by her fiancée, Angelina became severely stressed.Just a few months ago, when rumors surfaced that Gwyneth Paltrow was having an affair and could end up the subject of a Vanity Fair takedown, her camp was insistent that everything was peachy keen with her and rocker Chris Martin’s marriage.Only recently did we find out that things are keen, but maybe not peachy as the couple has revealed they are in the process of “consciously uncoupling.” Similarly, when news broke last December that Keri Russell was splitting from her husband of seven years, rumors swirled that one of the underlying reasons was that Keri was dating her Americans co-star, Matthew Rhys. ” come the retorts, often followed by: “There is no truth to that story.” “Lies, damned lies” or my personal favorite, “That’s hilarious and couldn’t be further from the truth.” Except it is always pretty damn close to the truth.The Situation’s reportedly in rehab, and a pregnant Snooki has signed on for a sixth season of club crawls on the “Jersey Shore.” But the ever-hated Angelina Pivarnick – who’s been accused of cheating on her fiancé, faking a pregnancy and instigating violent fist fights – has had enough drama. “Last year when I had a miscarriage, the media was really torching me,” she said Tuesday. I was miserable.” Starting tonight, Pivarnick, her boyfriend Chris Nirschel and four other celebrity couples will take a seat on the couch of psychologist Dr.Jenn Berman in VH1’s new show “Couples Therapy.” The show was a turning point for Pivarnick, she said, because she finally understands why she made the mistakes she made.He called off the engagement even before the 24 hours from the news was announced.

While Angelina was excited and happy, Dave Kovac felt disappointed for her pregnancy.She made it to the final round and was chosen by Sergio to try dating each other.She later released a new song titled "Gotta Go Out" under the name Miss AP in August 2011 featuring Tony Hanson "Fenix".Angelina Pivarnick (born June 26, 1986) is an American television personality, model, singer and FDNY EMT who is best known for starring in the first two seasons of the MTV's reality show Jersey Shore and the VH1 show Couples Therapy. She also appeared as a contestant on the reality dating series Excused. Pivarnick worked as a bartender and as a dental assistant before becoming part of Jersey Shore in August 2009. In 2011, Pivarnick made a brief appearance in the music video for rap group Dacav5's song "Dirty Style".

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“My father did some awful things to me, my mother and my sisters,” Pivarnick told

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