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Run this before parsing the document: xml Schema Validate Set Locator(valid_ctx, locator, ctx); valid_ctx is the xml Schema Valid Ctxt, and ctx is the xml Parser Ctxt.

locator is this function, similar to one I spotted in the libxml2 source, which sets the line number for the validator: int locator(void *ctx, const char** file, unsigned long *line) That appears to give me correct line numbers for validation errors. The best idea I've had so far is for each SAX callback to update a variable containing the line number at the time it's run.

I'm having two problems with line numbers and error reporting: 1) I'm using xml Schema SAXPlug() to validate against a schema when I parse.

When my xml Structured Error callback is called with a validation error, the the line and int2 (which is supposed to be a column?

public class EDITExtract Schema ======= would appreciate your help. You should be able to get any number of warnings or errors, but I think you're out of luck when you get a fatal Error(). No, the progem goes to error() only, and only once.

You need to understand about two things about the validating parser at the outset: .

Sun's implementation supports any combination of configuration options.

An XML document is considered ‘well-formed’ if it follows the normal rules of XML. In the example below we look at validating an XML document while using DOM, SAX and St AX.

On the other hand, an XML is considered valid if it follows the rules specified in the DTD or XSD.

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