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That is assuming that you have the time to find out about every feature update for every single browser. There is, and it is called ™, your code works there - automatically! The code ends up being similar, but much more clear to its actual intention A lot has changed since the last version of Modernizr. Instead, just head over to the Download page as you could have previously, and select the features you want to use in your project.

This is a common problem, especially when you need to support old browsers (such as old IE versions) or you are using features that are implemented using CSS prefixes.Just slide the sliders to see different colors and opacity on the fly.Modernizr is a small piece of Java Script code that automatically detects the availability of next-generation web technologies in your user's browsers. Personally, I like opacity when it is used well in a web site.And instead of some static images, I prefer, when possible, that it is achieved through CSS.

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