Validating application design against specifications

What are software requirements specification (SRS)? Software requirements specification capture system behavior as opposed to non-functional requirements specifications which define attributes as not behavior.This 'functionality' refers to services, tasks or functions the user performs using the system in question.You receive a request from a customer for a new product / product version.He sends his requirements in form of a word document.In this series of posts, I’ve been using Medical Device Development (as Regulated by U. FDA via CFR 820.30 and international standard IEC62304) as an exemplar for suggesting ways to develop high quality software in regulated (and other high assurance, high economic cost of failure) environments in an agile manner.This series is sponsored, in part, by Rally Software Development.Did you ever have these meetings with your customer where they tell you how you should develop your products in order to meet schedules, budget - or quality targets? Requirements Management & Validation are the beginning and end of every product development project to address exactly those situations.If not maybe you had to do intensive contract research only in order to find out at the end that there really is no way to bill the customer for the extra piece of implementation that made your project run out of budget and time. They are the cornerstones for successful product design and development. The same applies to validating the product through its development phases until completion.

In addition, you can take advantage of automated parameter sweeps, Monte Carlo analysis, sensitivity studies, design of experiments, and multi-objective optimization, so that you can improve your products and feel confident in your design choices.

In product development, it is important to understand the difference between the baseline functionality necessary for any system to compete in that product domain, and features that make the system different from their competitor's products. A technical specification describes the internal implementation of the software.

Some strategies have important implications for software architecture. It talks about data structures, relational database models, choice of programming protocols, and environmental properties.

Some examples fueling the change in today’s business environment are: Increasing product complexity Today’s products host hardware, software & electronical components that need to work together seamlessly Changing customer demand Those factors make it inevitable for companies to rethink their current mode of operation and invest in reviewing their processes and tooling for requirements and validation activities.

Here’s a practical example how a professional requirements & validation solution can help…

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