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“When you talk about the college consumer, it’s the most cluttered marketplace with the lowest attention span,” said Vishal Sapra, senior director of brand development at Mr. “If you’re not being told by a friend on your campus about an app -- or whatever product it is -- you’re probably not going to get the traction or awareness that you need.” Tinder’s meticulous efforts to woo college-age users underscores a prevailing wisdom among startups: attract them, and you'll attract everyone.

On a mission to win over teenage and 20-something users -- a group glued to their smartphones and coveted by Internet firms -- Tinder has hired a roster of undergraduates, including Aull, to promote the app on college campuses, report back on how students perceive the service and throw parties that will boost Tinder downloads.

Aull is one of two Tinder “campus reps” in the college hub of Boston.

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Francis Collins Ever wonder what is it that makes you, you?

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It is often repeated attempts to target a specific person by directly contacting them, or indirectly using or disseminating their personal information, causing them distress, fear, or anger.

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