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Your Mac, in a bid to save space, deletes the original installer automatically after the upgrade and thus you cannot reuse it on other machines.To get around the problem, after the installer has downloaded, quit the installation routine and do not restart the machine.Mac OS X Mavericks, or simply OS X Mavericks, is version 10.9 of Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system for Macintosh desktop, laptop and server computers.The Mavericks release is the tenth update for M (v10.8).In this example, I’ll install PHP 7.1 as that is the latest stable version of PHP. Continue the conversation on Twitter or in a comment.

First, choose the version of PHP you want to install.

Noted for its ease of use, it was also criticized for its lack of modern technologies compared to its competitors.

Developed between 19 after Apple's purchase of Ne XT, Mac OS X brought an entirely new architecture based on Ne XTSTEP, a Unix system, that eliminated many of the technical challenges that faced the classic Mac OS.

Apple's effort to expand upon and develop a replacement for its classic Mac OS in the 1990s led to a few cancelled projects, code named Star Trek, Taligent, and Copland.

Although they have different architectures, the Macintosh operating systems share a common set of GUI principles, including a menu bar across the top of the screen; the Finder shell, featuring a desktop metaphor that represents files and applications using icons and relates concepts like directories and file deletion to real-world objects like folders and a trash can; and overlapping windows for multitasking. It was noted as easy to use and featured cooperative multitasking for most of its history, but it was criticized for its limited memory management, lack of protected memory and access controls, and susceptibility to conflicts among extensions.

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The same is true for Mac apps like i Movie or Microsoft Office that have massive installers.

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