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There is no reason they need to roll a truck on this call. PM the DOCSIS MAC (you'll have to register with DSLR to be able to send personal messages), located on the back of the unit and should start with 00067, and I'll check.

They should have been able to either look at your account for the serial number, or if it wasn't on your account for some reason, have you read the numbers off the back to them and then provision it. If not, the modem may be pooched or your signal levels aren't up to spec. Oh, BTW, the tech obviously was not trained properly for Moxi installs.

Call them back and make them verify that the modem is provisioned on your box. What they typically don't know is how to initiate the Moxi Installer Tool.

I like the way MOXI can "think" when several shows are on at the same time.

If a show has a lower priority and is repeated it records it then.

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Moxi was a line of high definition digital video recorders produced by Moxi Digital, Diego, and then Arris Group.

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