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spm=5176.2020520101.0.0.a4Yecu&knowledge Id=6541028&category Id=8314835 I'm Chinese developer, we use "nw.js" create desktop application. It may very well continue to work, but how are we supposed to actually support it without V8 supporting it? and within these users, only 2.62% use Winxp, almost nobody use vista. According to Google Analytics, 66% of our users use Windows.Backporting Chromium and fixes will be considered on request.Windows XP and Mac OSX version earlier than 10.9 will be supported in 0.14.

Chromium will stay at 50 and will stay at v5.x in 0.14. If node 6.0 don't support Windows XP , then will not support soon. @fengmk2 Thanks for the information but they probably have to let Windows XP users use an old version of Dingding and drop the support of XP in newer versions, unless they divide not to adopt the latest Chrome technologies which is unlikely. m=1 https://cnodejs.org/ is the biggest forum in China. 2015, : I'm Chinese developer, we use "nw.js" create desktop application. — Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #3804 (comment).The plan is to keep active development on 0.14 for at least 1 year and then keep maintenance for another year.During this period we'll fix issues in the NW part.

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