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Press & hold Ctrl on the keyboard and scroll with the mouse wheel up or down to get the desired size. You can have variety of sizes and one for sure will suit you, but what if you don’t have a mouse wheel?The closest I could find is to do this: Right click on an empty spot on your desktop and choose Personalize, now choose the first item on the list Windows Color and Appearance, and then click the last link Open classic appearance properties for more color options. The only difference I can find between the computers is in properties,details. i have been through all the usual suspects discussed on the net like in folder options the "reset folders" and "restore defaults", no results. For example, you might have upgraded an application and the new version came with a new and improved application icon, but you still see the old icon on the Desktop.

The Desktop shows datas for images, the Laptop doesn't as shown in the attached images. Check under Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab to ensure Always show icons, never thunmnails is unchecked. Go back into the Folder and Search Options and uncheck the Always show icons, never thumbnails and you're done. Thanks again Labskaus If you have already done all of this and aero still isn't working. If not you will not be able to use the aero features.

Before starting make sure you are logged on as an Administrator. First, turn off thumbnail creation by opening Windows Explorer, clicking the Organize button and selecting Folder and Search Options. Then, run Disk Cleanup on Drive C: and empty the cache so you can recover the disk space. If you can't find it, just copy the following: %Local App Data%\Microsoft\Windows Paste it into the Address Bar and hit Enter. Right-Click on the Explorer folder and select Properties. In her case it was a partition separate from the OS drive where all her data and user files were stored, but if all of that stuff is on the same drive/partition where the OS lives on your computer, then that would be the potential culprit...

Click on the View tab and check Always show icons, never thumbnails. Check under Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab to ensure Always show icons, never thunmnails is unchecked.

They look similar to the icons in Windows Vista/7/8 however they are flatter looking yet retain the richness of colors.

However, if you get bored with these new icons, you might want to replace the standard folder icons with a custom icon from an external ICO file.

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