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The downside to this approach is that each program deployed includes its own copy of the DLL.The tool is a command line utility installed as part of the base .A Web Application needs more care, as usual, you can’t just write two lines of XML.The one that worked for me, I found here: utility is not available on client machines, and the Window SDK license forbids redistributing it to your customers.

However, that option is not available for BAT files run from the command line.

To maximise the potential for reuse, you will generally isolate a class library within an assembly, or a group of related assemblies, and package it into a dynamic linked library, or DLL.

This DLL can then be referenced from within many other class libraries or software applications.

So, let’s start with the Global Assembly Cache fundamentals: GAC is the short version of "Global Assembly Cache".

Before you ask about performance - whether there is a performance gain is a question that is really difficult to answer because JIT compilation also yields great results.

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