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Maya and 33(11) both returned on 22nd March, and Maya laid four eggs in early April.

Sadly two chicks died shortly after hatching, but two healthy chicks were raised – 2AN (female) and 2AM (male).

If you have installed a camera of the type that can be hacked in this way, you could be being watched now.

Click here if you would like to light a candle for your intention. If you use this facility we would really welcome your comments. Your comment may be published (no name or address is ever published) unless you state otherwise. He said: ‘There was one camera in an office and I could actually read the screen of the computer where they could be entering private information such as passwords, but it’s fully displayed to the world.‘It’s not just the creepy feeling that you are being seen, which is the main concern, it’s also the content of what is being seen.We’re talking about financial information, private information – exactly the sort of stuff the camera is designed to protect, but is doing the opposite.’Many cameras were fixed on babies and small children sleeping in their beds.Hacking can be prevented simply by changing the factory-set default security codes that every camera comes with.A large number of buyers will be parents who use the devices to monitor babies and young children.

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