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Spacers address these issues by reducing minimum working distance and by increasing magnification which decreases field of view.

The diagram below illustrates what happens when a spacer element is placed between the camera and lens.

The C-Mount Extender Kit includes 0.5mm, 1mm, (2) 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 40mm spacers.

Decreasing working distance by adding spacers forces the lens to focus at distances that are generally outside their designed working distance, which can cause increased distortion, chromatic and spherical aberrations, reduced depth of field, illumination non-uniformity, and decreased light-gathering ability.

Both companies claim exclusivity with their mousse but if you can figure out the sizing both work in other tire brands.

They're also much more expensive than the tube system - 5 for Michelin and nearly 0 for Goldentyre - though eliminating the fear of getting a flat, especially an ill-timed one, is completely worth it. You also might blow a (mental) gasket trying to install them.

We make sure our bikes have a comfortable riding position, sharp handling, thoroughly decent component sets and frame geometry that would impress the likes of Leonardo da Vinci.

Fiber optic cable jacket slitter is an efficient and indispensable tool for fiber optic cable termination.

Usually, the enduro or off road rider encounters a pinched tube or a straight up blow out after a brutal punch into a boulder or other debris with a sharp edge. Clearly, it's one thing when you're having fun and time isn't of the essence it's another during any sort of timed trial. Seriously you could thrust a knife into one a la Dexter and you'd keep riding without losing performance.

Regardless, eliminating the flat tire probably ranks high on most riders' wish list whether they race or spend a lazy afternoon trailblazing. Michelin broke ground (Bib Mousse) and remains the leader but Goldentyre (G-Mousse) also offers a mousse type insert and several other companies do as well. Additionally, off road riders find when hitting rocks or logs the impact is dramatically reduced as the sponge-like foam softens these heavy impacts.

Most companies stick your bike in a box and take your money.

The reason we don’t send our bikes out the next day is that each one is assembled to order to your exact specifications.

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