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When the automobile was first introduced it intimidated many folks that were unfamiliar with the new machines and their capabilities, while others where intimated by their exclusivity that came with early car ownership.Today automobiles are commonplace, although there still remains a small set of vehicles that intimidate the masses.But that wasn't the worst part: In an S-shaped swerve, the rear suspension would cause the wheel rim to dig into the pavement and flip the car onto its roof. As an added bonus, in a front-end collision, the Corvair's non-collapsible steering column would crush the driver's rib cage.GM eventually fitted the parts that fixed the Corvair, but by then most drivers were too scared to buy one.It is no coincidence that the Viper came on the market about the same time Jack Kevorkian was at the height of his fame.The original Viper had a 400 horsepower V10 and no traction control or antilock brakes.Thankfully, they rusted quickly enough that few remain to invoke PTSD for former owners.

Both offer a low stance, rear wheel drive, and are accessible at most Subaru or Toyota dealerships.Meanwhile, its sleek headlights that get thinner as they sweep back over the flared front fenders give the illusion of evil eyes. It’s too tough to even crack a grin, as the front grille’s straight and rectangular design almost makes the supercar look like it’s baring its teeth.Slanted headlights make it look extra vicious, especially since they’re spaced far apart and elevated on bulging wheel arches.An overpowered car that doesn't have the shocks, brakes or structural rigidity to turn or stop well. Scary for: Firefighters and plastic surgeons What could possibly be scarier than a car endorsed by both the Shriners' Burn Ward Fundraising Division and the League of Asbestos-Clothing Manufacturers? As a result, when there was half a drop of rain on the ground this thing spun around like Dizzy Dan from the Battling Tops.

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