The truth about dating by julie christensen dating sites bipolar people

); infatuation (he makes me feel beautiful); disappointment (he looks nothing like his online photo); anger (why is he online if he’s married?

); fatigue (I can’t bear the thought of another date); depression (I’m going to grow old and die alone); and acceptance (dating: it is what it is). This is a must for those who are looking to date, or haven't dated, but think they might want to get back into the rat race.

Quinn overcomes her shyness to suffer through dates that are so bad, they're funny (see the chapter on hunchbacks).

Even though I don't lean as far (in either direction) as she does, I know people just like her who won't even consider dating someone unless their political views line up, so it didn't really bother me all that much.

I really enjoyed this book, so much that I am now reading the sequel "The Truth About Happily Ever After." I found Quinn to be relatable, even though I didn't share all of her views (with regards to politics, for example).

This black comedy on dating follows heroine Quinn Malone as she suffers through humiliation, hilarity, tedium, and heart-break in her quest to find a man. How did you decide to create a trailer and what was your experience?

When speed and internet dating inadvertently send Quinn’s life down an unexpected course, she realizes self-fulfillment doesn’t have to include two kids, a picket fence, and a hubby. I’m not a fan of what I call the “illustrated blurb trailer.” They remind me of Power Point presentations: Sentences from the blurb float across an ever changing photo background while canned music plays.

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