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This and other accomplishments led to him being selected as one of Japan’s Global Shapers in their 20s, which sent him to the World Economic Forum in [email protected] Adam is the co-founder and principal artist of Prezi.He created the very first prezis in early 2000 for his personal projects and he is still a pioneer in visual storytelling and conversational presenting.His growing business had the 1 billion yen net sales mark, and a stock IPO, in sight, but he worried that there were no game changing prospects beyond those marks. Since then, he has been involved in multiple startups in countries including Singapore, Taiwan, and the U. Bitcoin gave him his greatest jolt since first seeing Netscape, so he switched directions toward blockchain related ideas. He started SIVIRA in order to further the revolution surrounding blockchain.He resolved to re-assert his original objectives and start anew. When he was six years old, he used a Macintosh for the first time and experienced the joy of being a programmer. In 1995, he was 15 years old when the massive Hanshin Earthquake struck the Osaka and Kobe areas.

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Prior to serving as CTO, he led the Facebook Platform team and, as an engineer, built the initial infrastructure for news feed and the first generation of the company’s advertising targeting and delivery systems.

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