Team fortress 2 updating problem

If noborder command didn’t work, you can try the similar solution, and hopefully everything will be fixed.

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Other than that, the big update adds in new maps, new halloween crates, new taunts, and loads more. tf2 has bad performance in general regardless of platform, its needed an optimization update for years update is pretty meh, there's nothing real substantial, just halloween maps and a head-scratching competitive matchmaking map change, additionally the halloween contracts still aren't working after 3 days :\ I have to say this update helped performance for me (FOSS radeon driver) ALOT when I get to use my custom config (like chris's max-frames), that is when playing casual - very smooth now, and I think it even bumped my texture settings a bit above the rock bottom I've been using (it looks nicer).

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All you have to do is to change the window border, and the game should work normally.

Just follow these instructions to solve the Team Fortress problem in Windows 10: According to the reports, this workaround fixed the majority of issues, but if it didn’t get the job done for you, you can try the following solution as well.

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