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Although I have been married for more than 40 years, men who come in contact with me, and especially those who meet my wonderful wife, know that once upon a time I knew the secrets of how to attract highly desirable women.

I still know these secrets, but they are of as much use to me now as E-Z Pass is to a man without a driver's license.

You could say, "Remember when we used to spend hours just kissing?

As the Bible says in one of its proverbs, "A fool's mouth is his destruction." As soon as you open your mouth, there is a high likelihood that you will say something that will be an immediate turn-off to any woman who might have even noticed you. Suddenly, instead of being a fool, you will become a "man of mystery." Wherever you are, women will gravitate toward you.After Gabrielle and John are almost caught by Carlos, Gabrielle decides to visit John's house while his parents are out.She tells him they need to be more discrete with their affair and the two proceed to have sex.Instead, choose a pleasant but neutral place, such as a restaurant that's romantic enough to be relaxing (and noisy enough for a reasonable amount of privacy! "If you blindside your husband, you're more likely to make him defensive," says Sharky.Give him a heads-up that you want to chat, so you both have time to think about what you want to say.3. Sometimes a shared sense of nostalgia for what the two of you used to do can be enough to lead you down the path of talking about sex openly, says Sharky.

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You will be the envy of your friends, who have seen woman after woman disappear when they have tried such lines as "Could I have your autograph?

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