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Students Will Attend UNH Tuition-Free Thanks to Granite Guarantee DURHAM, N. – Response by this year’s incoming class to the Granite Guarantee, a new program that guarantees all full-time, first-year New Hampshire students receiving federal Pell grants will pay no tuition, exceeded initial expectations. -- Long-time New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station researcher Stacia Sower, professor emeritus of molecular and biochemical neuroendocrinology at the University of New Hampshire, recently gave the prestigious Bargmann-Scharrer Lecture at the quadrennial meeting of the... – Researchers with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire have launched a research project that aims to “re-domesticate” the superfood quinoa in northern New England, giving the region’s farmers a new high-value grain crop that is in high... However, some animals living in desert environments are able to survive... Due to their tiny size, irregular shape and limited viewing angle, commonly used... The optimal level of women's perceived intelligence can be found, and it depends on perceived female physical attractiveness.

We have observed that the probability of a woman's positive speed dating decision rises with perceived male physical attractiveness, as well as their intelligence.The researchers worked out that as events last three hours and cost about £20, finding a partner may cost £500.Maria Woods, 42, from Epsom, Surrey, has been to countless events round Britain in the past five years, spending hundreds of pounds. Speed dating started in 1998 when a rabbi invented it as a way for Jewish singles to meet and marry, holding the first in a Beverly Hills cafe.These parasites cause zombie-like behavior in their hosts as the hosts behave in ways that encourage the spread of the parasites—sometimes these are worms and sometimes they’re infectious diseases like viruses. Karim spoke to us about her research on trilobites.We learned about some of these weird and spectacular parasites that create zombies of their hosts and how natural selection has caused these maladaptive behaviors to persist and spread. Moore’s presentation, we examined disease spread and the evolution of virulence by simulating a zombie apocalypse! Trilobites are an extinct group of marine arthropods (animals with exoskeletons and segmented bodies) that lived from the Cambrian (~ 510 million years ago) through the Permian period (~ 250 million years ago).

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