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And as long as you’re alive, people want to grow, and growth means connection, it means emotional connection.(This journal comes from Mark Paricio, a Polar TREC teacher accompanying the Polaris Project this year.So as students design their research projects, they get to bounce their ideas off of some phenomenal experts, who help bring new perspectives and focus to their design.One day at work, my buddy Jack suggests that I try Speed Dating. G: B: I’m planning like a kind of like a Scandinavian kind of tour for the summer. Petersburg for awhile…all the destinations…5.5 weeks…I have lots of vacation saved up from last year, so I’m burning it up. Like I grew up in BC, but the jobs out here are so much better. The plant is in really bad shape, the catalyst moves around continually so lots of things break. I text her that night, and then later in the week to joke around.In reading before my trip, I learned that the “Red” in the name actually comes from the Russian word for “beautiful” and originated in the 15 One of the things I liked the most about visiting Moscow was an introduction to the Russian language.I feel lucky to be traveling with experienced scientists, some of whom do speak Russian. The scene at our hotel hallway resembled speed dating, except with researchers (known as PIs – Principle Investigators) sitting across from the undergraduate students of the Polaris Project, shifting every five minutes.

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But you have to be fast because after five minutes, everyone will run to the next station to get to know the next aspect of American culture.

At the end of the night, you can vote on which station you enjoyed the most. Be prepared to meet some great people, learn about American culture and have a lot of fun!

Steven Loring: Well, I think it’s a concept whose time is certainly coming.

The world is changing in so many ways, demographically.

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Both of us are going with the nice jeans/button-up shirt plan. B: I have a cousin that moved out here, but most of my family is back in BC. I had only met her once, really what did I expect, for her to say “Oh ok actually let’s meet up again so I can discuss all of my issues with you, someone I’ve only met once”?

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