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I think it began with a game that was on sale on Steam.It renewed my interest in visual novels in general and eventually led me to the mobile market to further whet my palate.

It's a surprisingly accurately look into the Star Craft 2 esport scene. Don't suppose there's ever been any dating sims done for Marvel, DC Star Wars or Doctor Who characters have there?

“If you want to stain me, come to 2689 Santa Fresca Blvd.” So reads the sext I have just received from Beautifully Stained, a staircase with a wooden railing that was, indeed, beautifully stained. “She/her” — that’s what the staircase identifies as — is just one of a number of architectural features and buildings whose attentions I am vying for in Tectr, a game billed by its maker, Silverstring Media, as one “about thirsty architecture, buildings that want you them.” Modeled on dating apps such as Tinder, the game has players swipe to “match” with real estates (or parts of them) and choose between pre-written messages to try and “hook up” with horny architectural entities that have names like “Flip Me” (a fixer upper) and “Dating Pool” (a swimming pool, duh).

No well-known buildings are featured, just a number of nondescript structures; made for Global Game Jam 2016, Tectr is an architect geek’s dating dream come true, filled with dirty building-related jokes that will make you chuckle but also probably cringe a little from their unabashed crudeness.

Beautifully Stained immediately demanded that I enter her foyer; “Towering” (a tower) just sent me unsolicited basement pics.

You don’t have many options to pick from when it’s your turn to respond, but a number of messages will lead to matches sending their “addresses” and Tectr cheekily telling you, “Have fun.” Sometimes you simply won’t receive a reply: I tried telling Erector, for instance, “I want you to ‘build up’ all inside me,” but he kept ignoring me.

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(She also drew the character sprites.) Scene CGs are provided by the very talented doubleleaf.

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