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What contributed to this mild depression was the feeling of being completely alone in a world where truly to survive means you have to be tough.I think this last year, at the age of 40, I finally grew up.Shiva also starred in the independent film Black Days and was featured at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival.She has also appeared in the features Myron's Movie and Red Roses and Petrol with Malcolm Mc Dowell, and Silent Madness-Hollywood Babylon in which she plays the legendary silent screen star Louise Brooks.I realize I was really as naïve as a child all these years.Marriage shelters you, and since I had been with my ex husband since the age of 21, I truly had been in cocoon.

Rose starred in the critically acclaimed and award-winning independent film and romantic comedy, David & Layla, which won Prix du Public at the Amour Film Festival 2007 in Europe.She was no doubt feeling relieved as just hours before the event Hadid had narrowly avoided a jail sentence after being found guilty of flouting the law with the construction of a 30,000sqft mega-mansion dubbed the Starship Enterprise.Instead receiving just a ,000 fine and ordered to do community service.If I had the misfortune of being without them, I probably would have run naked into the mountains without a care if I survived.Or I would just lie in a heap in a dark closet until the basic need to survive would pull me out of the darkness and into some sort of semblance of civility.

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