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Individuals may defend winter territories or roam widely.

Polychaetes and small bivalves are most frequently taken by the species, but its diet is varied.

All I could say was "good job" We ended up laughing about it and it's a fond memory for both of us.

A jewish woman goes to her mother and says " I am going to divorce my husband" The mother says "why?

The Black-bellied Plover, known as the Gray Plover in the Old World, breeds widely in the high Arctic of North America and Eurasia and overwinters over a broad latitudinal range—equally at home in temperate and tropical climates, it is truly one of the most wide-ranging shorebird species.

Within North America, the species breeds from western Alaska through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and overwinters along the Gulf, Atlantic, and Pacific coasts as far north as British Columbia and Massachusetts.

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