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Many forums have popped up where western men have begun to communicate their experiences and try to understand Russian women.They discuss many different topics and sometimes they find answers that more or less contain the truth about Russian habits and the Russian soul.If was to be sold it would possibly only be worth USD (the typical cost of the registration fee for the domain name).

I sometimes think that Western men feel that Russian women are from another planet. All people are more or less the same when it comes to "love making." Sure, there are many techniques that have been developed from various cultures but even the most mysterious woman in the world is still, only a woman.

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Hello Marina, "I am writing you to thank you for the two books you have published.

One night I was thinking about her and my previous experience, so I was searching the internet. I will state this, any western male looking to court a eastern female, this should be MANDITORY reading!

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