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This concept has now moved out of the gaming realm and these quick role-play game interfaces are appearing in our everyday digital lives. You might think that humans would rather communicate with other humans rather than a machine.

For many this may still be the case, but as our lives become more digitalised and we expect our day-to-day tasks to be completed faster, the formalities of human interaction become a burden.

The rise of internet and mobile banking is an example of the digital age changing our everyday tasks.

The average branch in the high street deals with only 71 visits a day – a 32% decline since 2011(1).

It explains a lot about different bots and offers a different perspective on them. personal thing is that I desire a bot to be DOWNLOADABLE to my computer access linking it to another site, etc..

Check out: check out KT's site listing A LOT of different types of bots!! It must be a stand alone application and preferably one that "learns", otherwise what the use or sense in talking to a bot to which I already know the answers / responses.

I should immediately qualify my critique by saying that they're not very intelligent, and it's not particularly humanoid intelligence.

This is an example of what can happen if you put too much trust in artificial intelligence (AI).

But not every AI bot is trying to replicate a plot from a Terminator movie.

Our chat rooms are IRC channels on the Syn IRC IRC network. Here's how: If you're unsure how to use IRC, there are instructions on how to use some of the simpler web clients below.

If you don't know anything about IRC, this link (click! For starting users, Mibbit and Chatzilla are suggested, or you can simply use the chat tool at the bottom of this page.

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