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Victim 'crying all the time'Henriette Yakibonge, an Ottawa sexual assault counsellor, said she's been in touch with the victim's mother and that the alleged attackers are known to the victim."The victim is not OK. she's crying all the time," said Yakibonge."Her mother is very angry the people who did that to her are friends of hers."Eunice Ilunga, 40, is facing eight charges, including kidnapping, assault with a weapon, sexual assault and uttering death threats.The idea of installing closed circuit television has been raised in the wake of recent violence in the Jasmine Crescent area of Ottawa. K., so-called street CCTV is commonplace, but due to vandalism and lack of maintenance, many of those cameras don’t work. Rather than deter or eliminate other criminal activity, they can drive it into areas of the city where there are no cameras. Randy Lippert, who has written extensively on surveillance, thinks much the same: “There is no evidence they prevent violent crime.How do Canadians feel about being monitored by CCTV cameras? On one hand, people more or less accept the cameras but don’t fully understand the capabilities of the technology.On the other hand, Canadians are also concerned about their privacy.“There are indications that a public health approach based on harm reduction and addressing the social determinants of health may provide the tools needed to address the underlying factors that result in participation in the sex trade, and vulnerability to human trafficking and violence,” says the report.The report comes after Canada’s controversial new prostitution law went into effect last week after the Supreme Court ruled that the old law violated the safety rights of prostitutes.They added that they received emails from around the world urging them to investigate the video.

It says that would help deal with some of the root causes of prostitution, such as poverty and homelessness.(Street cameras can be expensive to install and especially expensive to maintain.) In Canada, street cameras are less common although they are ubiquitous in “private” spaces, such as airports, railway stations, banks, taxicabs, buses, workplaces and community centres. Mostly in response to crime and, more recently, fear of terrorism. People in those situations aren’t thinking about cameras.Postmedia sought out answers to some basic questions around CCTV and whether it could or should be the answer to the guns and violence problems in the capital. Anyone making that argument is on really shaky ground.” There is evidence, however, that they can and do prevent petty crime, such as property theft from parking lots. We don’t know because the state keeps specifics of that information to itself.The House of Commons and the Senate held public hearings on the proposed new bill this year, and heard often emotional testimony from a wide range of witnesses, more than 100 in all.The testimony laid bare a bitter divide, often among sex workers themselves, over whether prostitutes are victims or whether they are making a free and valid career choice.

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Police did not specify which of the two African countries the community members involved were originally from.

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