Oracle updating a multiset collection

Obviously this pattern can be implemented for other operations, not only for INSERT.We all know that adding a new index may change the execution plans of existing queries – sometimes improving the performance, other times causing a performance degradation (and sometimes not making any difference).

SGA memory is shared by all sessions connected to Oracle Database, but PGA memory is allocated for each session.That would, however require lots of work, revamping algorithms, ensuring correctness, you know the score.They are not 100% confident that the error still might not occur, especially as data volume increases.I prefer writing a procedure that inserts the records into T1 and performs this additional stuff.But what will happen if someone (perhaps even myself in one year from now) will insert records into T1 from another place (in another procedure or directly via an INSERT statement) and will not know (or maybe forget) about the mandatory additional stuff?

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Once you have declared a record, you can then manipulate the data in these fields (or the record as a whole) as you can see below:.

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