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Although these beliefs regarding this topic carry some validity, there are some facts that every woman should know to better understand how vaginal looseness really comes about and what we can do about it. Before trying to understand how the vagina loses its elasticity, it is important to better understand the basic layers of the vagina and what role they play.

The vagina has three main layers: The vagina is a highly elastic and stretchable organ.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has recorded a significant increase in the number of tissue removal and re-structuring operations - a staggering 49 per cent rise in one year, from 2013 to 2014.

Dr Jennifer Walden, an aesthetic plastic surgeon and spokeswoman for the ASAPS, said labiaplasty is 'one of the most popular cosmetic operations for women'.

Vaginal bumps are the first noticeable sign of an STD for many women.

Not all bumps on the vagina are abnormal; women who aren’t intimately acquainted with the skin in their genital region may discover bumps that have always been there and become alarmed.

She said the trend for total pubic hair removal and greater access to pornographic images is making women more aware of their genital areas Dr Walden said the increase in demand for 'designer vagina' operations is not just fuelled by vanity, however.

Rather, she said the majority of her patients do in fact have enlarged labia, which can cause hygiene issues, as well as extreme discomfort during sex and while wearing tight clothing.

It’s the one that helps firms the breasts, increases metabolism, and tightens vaginal muscles.Herpes sores are filled with a clear fluid that eventually oozes out of the sores before they heal on their own.The sores can sometimes be mistaken for syphilis sores, which is why getting tested is the only way to be sure of a genital herpes infection.' then a trained counselor is logged in and ready to begin chatting with you.Click the yellow tab labeled "START CHAT" and complete the form to begin chatting. • If the text states 'A counselor is unavailable' you can still click the yellow tab to leave a trained counselor a message.

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