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With painted faces and shiny clothes, almost every day of their lives these women are forced to sell themselves for sex.

Their work and lives are at the bottom of everyone’s concern, but they are still tied to Garstin Bastion Road—commonly known as GB Road—Delhi’s biggest red light area, which lies at the center of a busy commercial corner of the capital.

I couldn’t go back.” “Was your mother a sex worker, too? Nearby she rented a room, where she lived with her two little girls.

was driven from her village home by profound poverty. Given away by her mother who couldn’t feed her, she was married off as a young teenager. And though she didn’t say this directly, the way she turned her face when she said she had a son now, who lived at home with her, left me wondering whether she might not also have felt burdened by them.

Sangita then became her mother-in-law’s slave, loaded with housework and starved. Sangita’s in-laws took her to Delhi in hopes of selling her. Sangita fled to Calcutta, where she lived on a train station platform. When a friend introduced her to Urmi Basu, the founder of New Light, an NGO pursuing gender equality in India and providing full shelter for sex workers’ children, Sangita asked them to take her two girls. Things have turned out well for Sangita, who sat with me on a balcony overlooking the thick, polluted water stagnating in a canal in Kalighat, one of Calcutta’s thriving red-light districts. I live in the same house as Juma, who’s now a bright, if naughty 12-year-old, going to school and staging dance competitions with her friends at Soma Home, the residence for daughters of sex workers, owned by New Light.

Home to one of the largest red light districts in Asia, the area accommodates an innumerable cohort of at least 10,000 sex workers in a dizzying maze of shoebox rooms and street-side stalls.

Even less documented are their children, lovers, , pimps and traffickers.

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Here, bodies never seem to venture far from the shadows, and faces remain half-hidden from unwanted eyes.

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