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PROJECT X: Not an NSA code name, but the working title for AT&T's Long Lines Building, which houses a telecomms switch connecting the US with the rest of the world.It is also designed to resist atomic blasts and has its own water, food and electricity supplies.The Elkton Mine became one of the largest mines in the Cripple Creek area yielding more than Million in gold​ ​​before it permanently closed in 1956.​ At it’s peak Elkton had over 3,000 residents and was served by three railroads, the Florence & Cripple Creek, the Midland Terminal and the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek as well as an electric street car line.Today, remnants of this once bustling town can still be found just north of Victor, Colorado.Now, 25 years later, we are reintroducing this N-Scale kit in a laser-cut format that features more detail, improved materials and simpler construction.This 'Elkton Creek Smelter' kit was inspired by the Elkton Mine in the Cripple Creek Mining District of Colorado which first opened in1894.In fact, the Constructed and owned by AT&T, and known as the 'Long Lines Building,' it's officially a telecommunications hub with its own power and water, capable of sheltering those inside against two weeks of nuclear fallout.

Being the first and only public museum in the Intelligence Community, the Museum hosts approximately 50,000 visitors annually from all over the country and all over the world, allowing them a peek into the secret world of codemaking and codebreaking.

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Nightmares.'Others joked it was the Men in Black's headquarters, or was 'like something straight out of Blade Runner.''The national covfefe center,' another Twitter user wrote - in reference to President Trump's recent cryptic tweet.

'You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave,' another joked, referring to the Eagles' hit Hotel California.

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