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Well, nevermatter, Lindsay wasn’t gonna take this laying down.In fact, she already had gigs that weekend opening for Brad Paisley on behalf of two other country stations in Sacramento.Well, ironically, he influenced her career alright, right out of a paid gig!Bobby Bones, her boyfriend, works for i Heart Media USA and Lindsay was on her way back from a dinner with her manager when he told her the news, her gig the next day, part of a huge concert line up with a CBS owned country station, was cancelled because her boyfriend was a big star with a competing radio company. This wasn’t the kind of negative impact she worried about.I'm done with dating rappers, mcs, djs, I'm looking for a real nice rodger's cable guy who thinks a technique is a way to make love to me I was in love with your potential I thought your hands were speaking to me remember when we met an you were on that jungle brother's back to Africa trip?

cause that's what you call the girls who flock to the clubs on a saturday night to do what she can to catch a toronto raptor she's an adaptor you can take you know yellow pagin' dubplate makin' body tricks but personally I'll pass used to give a [bleep] about turntablism but now you could basically galloping scratch my a** I know I sound amplified you can tell your friends it's just hey remember when you broke my face plate? Tom Chasteen, Alkalino – Caramel Blonde (Alkalino Rework) 7. Sam Qs, Vanessa Zagatto, Beekay Deep – Pickpocket (Beekay Deep Mix) 13. When Brad Paisley says “you made a mistake,” as a country radio station, you made a HUGE mistake.Guys, How to date a billionaire's daughter 101 - learn how to play football and become a popular star or learn how to sing and become a star in all cases be VERY VERY VERY successful! Eazi is currently dating one of Femi Otedola's daughter, Temi Otedola the fashion blogger, its no news that her older sister, DJ cuppy is dating top footballer, Victor Aniechebe who even bought her a G-Wagon babus on her birthday last year, Temi is following in her sisters footsteps by snapping into another popular celebrity, Mr.

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