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Y como si esto fuera poco, luego del terremoto han llegado a Haití miles y miles de soldados norteamericanos, de la tristemente célebre 82º División Aerotransportada.El país no sólo está devastado por el terremoto sino también ocupado militarmente por Estados Unidos (decide en el aeropuerto de Puerto Príncipe qué avión puede bajar y cuál no).Thank You for Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen and his hilarious facial expressions.Lisa and Izaak were eliminated last week, leaving Nico, Natalli, Miles and Allie.

In the parallel universe that got the future with flying cars, this is what the hot Italian women wear. Natalli wears a solid red micro skirt and a white peasant blouse with flowers embroidered across the top and up the shoulder straps.“I can confirm that we are not ordering a fifth season of the series,” Scott Henderson, vice-president of communications for Bell Media told City “After four seasons and 92 episodes, CTV has decided to pursue other program strategies. Canada loved his DANCE SHOW and I’m sure the fans will react!!! Love You.” “Hope that #SYTYCDCanada comes back to live once more…thank you for 4 great seasons,” Armstrong wrote Tuesday.This decision was made after careful consideration, including viewership and economic factors. But NOT your passion for DANCE,it’s a CTV decision! “Wow…honestly can’t believe #SYTYCDCanada has been cancelled,” Armstrong said Tuesday. “The network, production, crew & talent, love u all.” For me this is sad news.We remain extremely proud of the legacy of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, including raising the profile of dance in this country,” Dear Fans @regrets! Granted I still watch SYTYCD USA, but there was something special about our Canadian SYTYCD and I am sad to see that go.

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)), here's some of the things I'm thankful for on television. ahem..for being one of the most BEAUTIFUL shows EVER (and I don't mean that on surface value (although yes, everything and everyone is real pretty too) but in a soul enriching way). When Tyra asks for Tami's help in the Season Premiere, and when Matty is to become the help in Ep. Thank you for still having Gaius Charles returning as Brian "Smash" Williams if only to continue his story post-Panthers. Thank you for Adrianne Palicki who turned a one-note Tyra from the pilot into one of the most fascinating underdogs on television. Thank You for Charlie's continuing crush on Marcus and the possibly train-wreck/cute bond to come. Thank you for mostly shutting up Meredith, despite finding a new patient to listen to all her whining. Thank you for bringing Jo Anna Garcia and Michael Cassidy back to TV.

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