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Launch Notepad and enter these two lines: REGEDIT4[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft \Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Run MRU] That really is just two lines; line two consists of everything between the square brackets [ ], though it may be wrapped for printing or display.

Save this file as "norunmru.reg" including the quotes (without the quotes Notepad might call it txt).

If you use the Classic Start menu, simply click the Clear button.

If you use the Microsoft Windows XP Start menu, click the Advanced tab and then click the Clear List button.

Projects are not added to the most recently used projects list when you create a project, initiate a project request, or open a random set of projects (for example, projects from multiple portfolios, but not the full portfolio itself).

Projects you access from portlets are added to the list, unless you access only activity detail information (such as activity notebooks or documents) directly from a portlet.

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The list in the Registry is now gone, but Windows Explorer still has it in memory. You can add the locations manually to those programs or delete the data in the Registry directly in the Registry Editor.Executed Programs List is another useful Nirsoft application that may come in handy at times.During the 10-year period when stress was declining, Americans commonly identified “money, work and the economy” as their biggest sources of worry.My child and I have learned together how to meditate using a simple app.

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Q: How can I clear the list of recently run programs that appears when you click the Start button and then click Run?

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