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That's about the time she left the music industry to raise her sons on the remote British island territory Turks and Caicos, about 600 miles southeast of Miami.

, Ford explains how a ubiquitous Grammy-nominated artist went from rocking out with Joan Jett in the Runaways and duetting with Ozzy Osbourne on a Top 10 hit to utter isolation.

Dating in today’s world comes with the cheaters, undercover brothers and male thots who believe that they can slither their way through a group of friends being undetected but thats to be expected in 2017.

Me, a woman born and raised in the westside of Chicago was scammed.

If I get that with WWE, I’ll give so much.” is armed with options for her future.

She fulfilled a promise to herself by returning to school, and is now a marketing major at Post University in Connecticut.

She captivated me with the way she moved, the way she was able to go in the ring.

After a night out at the club Traxx — with Ford’s best friend Toni and keyboardist Aldo Nova also in tow — Ford brought the crew back to her room at the Broadway Plaza Hotel.

Ford and Bon Jovi were making out in one bed and Sambora and Toni on another, as Nova “watched, sipping his red wine, as we tried to fit him in, too.” All the wine got to Bon Jovi, who “began puking in the corner, right on the bedroom carpet.” At that point, Toni felt generous.

She was just six days past her 13th birthday the first time she saw Black Sabbath in concert, and was taken with the godlike figures in shadow on the stage before her, “massive piles of thick, black hair.” “My life flashed before me as I focused on the guitar player, Tony Iommi,” she writes.

“He seemed superhuman, almost godlike.” Ford, who began playing guitar at 10 and writes that she mastered Led Zeppelin’s licks by 13, would learn disgusting truths about this god in time.

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