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If you want to be sure your kids are kept safe and your living room isn’t being bugged by the microphone on your Kinect, here’s how to configure privacy options on your Xbox One.To start, open up your settings menu by double-tapping the button, then pressing Y.Xbox user, Neil Andrew Pike (Zero Fox) had the shock of his life when experimenting with his new Xbox Kinect camera.The Kinect camera system will prompt you when a new person is in the room with you, this phenomena however is in most cases dismissed as a glitch by most users if playing alone. To the horror of some gamers around the world, when unboxing their new hardware and checking out the various modes on their Kinect, they have seen some truly unexplainable eerie figures standing in the room with them. The only real explanation for these goings-on comes from certain field experts and that is that this phenomena that is captured by Kinect cameras could be identified to be 'kinetic energy' or 'kinesis' that's responding to the environment.There’s no shortage of sports, hunting, fishing, party games, racing, fighting, and many other event-friendly games.Can an Xbox Kinect camera really pick up apparitions? Professional ghost hunters use a medley of different types of ghost hunting equipment, however the bread and butter of ghost hunting has always been the IR (Infrared) cameras.That said, the Wii still has some fantastic games available and name has the name brand that consumers most associate with casual games.The main controllers include the Wii Remote (with optional Wii Motion Plus accessory) and the Nunchuck attachment.

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Unfortunately, however, Microsoft doesn't offer an app for recording video with the inbuilt camera.

Don't worry - getting video footage with your Kinect doesn't take serious code-changing or hacking.

Keep reading for detailed instructions on this easy method.

The Wii revolutionized the video game industry by introducing the casual games genre.

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Whether it’s competitive or cooperative gameplay on your console, Xbox Live Gold takes your game to the next level. Enjoy a more meaningful multiplayer experience, and get the most out of your game by avoiding cheaters.

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