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Up until last year, I had a dark-furred dog and a light-furred dog, and cream carpets.Now, I have three dark furred dogs, and cream carpets.The use of Electronic Detection K9 officers began gaining popularity after former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was found guilty last year of child pornography because of a hidden USB drive found in his home by Bear, a 2-year-old black Labrador who is now a K9 officer with the Seattle Police Department. We have listened carefully to our customers requirements, input and suggestions, and have implemented numerous modifications and improvements to our entire range of dog transit boxes.I spot tumbleweeds of dog hairs floating around every few hours and I quite comfortably could scream while thinking 'why did I bother, I should have sat on the sofa and caught up on the soaps', says .Further, I'm a person who likes dark clothes yet my clothing still gets the full brunt of this shedding problem.Axtell said the police civilian review board had recommended 10 days but he upped it to 30.As with any internet application bandwidth is everything.

The dogs get brushed regularly with a supposedly non-shedding dog brush, but it has little effect.

“The dog’s not moving.” Prior to this video, police were dispatched to 9848 Fast Elk St., near Log Cabin and North El Capitan ways where two bodies were found inside a home.

[7/24/17 MATT AGORIST] Beaver, PA — Beaver County resident, James Cicco has recently filed a lawsuit against the Beaver Police Department claiming officers used excessive force.

Brett Le Blanc/Las Vegas Review-Journal Follow @bleblancphoto Neighbors watching from their house captured footage of the shooting between Las Vegas police and murder suspect James Craig Simpson Thursday in the northwest valley.

Multiple gunshots, dog barks and police activity can be heard within the video. “I think the dog got hit,” a female neighbor said in the video.

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Asked why he apologized, Axtell said, "Because he's a human being and I'm a human being ...

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