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Control of this module is optimised for an oxygen8 midi controller (which i happen to own).

Notes above C3 are use to select and enable/disable effects - white keys select and enable, black keys disable.

Representing the 65% of users who said “No, I don’t care about Apple TV 4K support (yet),” the most common thread was that 4K content currently isn’t compelling enough to be a necessity, particularly in a low-end Apple TV, and mightn’t be for 2 years. [1080p] HD is where 95% of current content is filmed and distributed. By the time 4k is ubiquitous enough to make it a no brainer that generation of Apple TV will have enough features to make it worth upgrading.

I had a perfectly fine 1080p Sony XBR television but recently upgraded to a Sony XBR 4K TV…

But a comedy can be about a dude who flips burgers and is also the President of the United States as long as it's funny, and that's where Dr. Jokes didn't land, they just sorta flopped on the ground, tossed out there with prayers that they would work.

There's canned heart on the family side, too, but again, the conflict (Ken didn't want his popular daughter Molly to pass her driving test for fear she would DIE and he feared for his son's reputation for a miming performance of a Katy Perry song at the school talent show) and the results were predictable and rote as Ken running into a nightclub shouting for "Molly" got expected results. Ken from other outlets, but it all comes down to the show not being funny.

Ken (Jeong) trying to overparent his maturing teen daughter (Krista Marie Yu) and rescue his odd little son (Tsai) while his disapproving but highly tolerant wife (Nakamura) looks on and does wife things (though she's also a doctor in her own right). Ken as a loud doc with no bedside manner who treats "whiny" patients and, in the case of the pilot, was right about his diagnoses even when the patient berated him and believed he was wrong, which I suppose excuses his prickly demeanor around the people he's trying to heal. The problem early on is that the two settings feel awfully disconnected, sapping the power of both as the pilot tried to tend to each side.

Currently at the top of the list is Camp Muir on Mt.

My lone laugh came from the guy in prison who thought Dr.

I find him to be hilarious, even when he's at Chang Level 10, mocking a terrible Asian accent, or jumping out of a trunk naked. Ken, Jeong's new sitcom which he co-created, co-wrote, and starred in and is based loosely on his life as a real actual bona fide totally legit doctor well before he went on to star in The Hangover and Community. We still live in a world where laugh tracks are necessary, for some reason, and they only exacerbate the thuds of the jokes.

I hoped we’d see some intelligent discussion, and was thrilled that so many comments actually delivered, including insights on why Apple’s approach was practical — for now.

Here are some of the best comments readers posted on each side of the debate…

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