Josh hartnett dating sienna miller

Josh Hartnett was hospitalized for some sort of gastrointestinal disorder.

And, no, this isn’t another Hollywood excuse, like exhaustion.

She is both shy and talkative, mischievous and quick-witted, with an engaging demeanour at odds to her tabloid-created alter-ego as temptress and home-wrecker. " A veritable chatter-box, who can barely sit still for more than a few seconds, its clear she's more at ease here in Beverly Hills than she has been for many years in the UK, where paparazzi had become a part of her daily life until she decided to take action: "I just couldn't cope with the level of attention. It was just 20 men every day for five years, and whenever I wanted to take my niece out for a walk, it wasn't safe. So I sued the paparazzi in Britain for harassment and won, and subsequently have no paparazzi in my life in England.

Previously twice-engaged (to the actors Jude Law and Rhys Ifans), she looks me in the eye as she says in a barely- audible whisper: "I would like to be married, yes, and I'd love to have a family one day. I've thought I did in the past, only to realize I wasn't quite ready to settle down and just needed the freedom to be selfish a little while longer." Press her further and she smiles girlishly, twisting fingers around a stray blonde curl: "I definitely want kids. Which is why I feel like a very happy person," she says, whistling softly and making an awkward touch-wood gesture.

Hartnett is currently living in the English capital while he stars in the new West End production of Rain Man.

The pair is said to have enjoyed a secret date last week (beg10Nov08) at the exclusive Shoreditch House members’ bar in East London, according to The London Paper.

dating reports evolved, just weeks after the ‘Dear John’ star split from her real estate broker Justin Huchel.[Dlisted] Bjork was spotted in one of her kooky outfits while…Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett was reportedly spotted enjoying another intimate evening in London with British star Sienna Miller - fuelling rumours they are dating.Before that, she also dated Andrew Joblon a real estate executive last year.Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper dated, after they met on the set of the hit movie ‘Mamma Mia’.

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