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Even if you are not a Jew and you would prefer to date a Jewish woman and would luckily end up marrying Here, you would soon realized that aside from the fact that you are in love with Her, there are advantages as compared to other cultures.

Read More→ The difference between a Jewish and American woman depends on the debate and how the woman was raised on the culture she became associated with.

Spreading its branches and reaching the sun, Tree of Life is a beautiful symbol in Judaism.

What does Etz Ha’chayim symbolize and what's the secret behind its branches?

I thought about this a lot and decided that there had to be a better and less expensive way of offering dating and relationship coaching.

The solution I created is, where I offer dating and relationship coaching and advice exclusively via email.

With the Internet, Jewish news, Judaica products, Jewish blogs and dating sites are also at your fingertips.

She writes about her own experience with her studies and ritualistic Judaism, as well as exploring the relationship between writing and prayer.

Understanding how things work has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.

For sure I was one of those potentially annoying children who had to ask “but why? And I was definitely always intrigued with understanding relationships.

You can read more about how I became a dating and relationship coach here and some testimonials here.

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you’re single and looking for some advice and guidance (for you or for a friend or relative).

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