Is tess taylor still dating max

and she's expecting a ,000 check from Sofia Coppola within the month, which should alleviate some financial pressure.

Sources tell us, her family had nearly given up on Tess after she pulled out of rehab last year -- but when the reality star hit rock bottom after her most recent arrest ... As for how Tess plans to pay the massive medical bills -- we're told several family friends are pitching in ...

Taylor and Derek were beginning to flirt, but nothing was set in stone when production was shut down.

When production resumed, they were pretty much full on falling in love and by each other's side at every moment.

Initial flirtations lead to real chemistry and after returning from the production break, it was clear these two had become a solid couple.

Here are all the reasons why Taylor and Derek may go the distance. Taylor has not been shy about reacting to Derek mentions on social media, whether commenting on Instagram or responding to tweets.

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