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Many people believe that playing it cool or not caring is considered attractive, but it's actually quite discouraging.

A man I recently met (let's call him Dick), who I shared a mutual attraction with, would of course send me text messages that read something like, “Hey, maybe we can meet up for a bit at some point this weekend?

Whether you are a beginner and just want to try it out or are experienced and would like to significantly improve your surfing, we have the right instructor/coach for you.

Surfing is one of the most fun, exhilarating, healthy, and confidence building activities/sports on earth.

The ESP8266 Thing Development Board breaks out all of the module’s pins, and the USB-to-serial converter means you don’t need any peripheral components to program the chip.

Just plug in a USB cable, download the Arduino board definitions, and start Io T-ing.

It enables to create unique, nifty projects like two-wheel buggys, custom music boxes, and dice gauntlets.

It’s split into the following sections: Beyond the ESP8266 Thing Development Board itself, all you should need to get started is a micro-B USB Cable, which will deliver power the board and set up our USB programming interface.

To top it all off, the ESP8266 is incredibly easy-to-use: firmware can be developed in Arduino and uploaded over a simple, serial interface.

To take advantage of all of those benefits, we’ve created the ESP8266 Thing Development Board – an ESP8266 development board, with an integrated FTDI USB-to-Serial chip.

Of course, to follow along with this guide, you’ll need a Red Board. The USB interface serves two purposes: it powers the Red Board and allows you to upload programs to it.

You’ll also need a computer – Mac, PC, or Linux will do – with the Arduino IDE installed on it. They’ve got installation instructions there, but we’ll also go over installation in this tutorial.

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