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There are many similarities between Japan, an advanced post-industrial society, and the western countries in general.

The Economist concludes that women in Japan and other rich western countries are better educated, career minded, are financially independent and do not see the traditional family as the only way to lead a fulfilling life.

Kim, who was adopted in infancy from his impoverished birthplace somewhere in Asia and has no sense of humor, bristled. ” He shouted from the backseat, “You’ve got a foreigner in the car! Instead of “hey” say “hey hey.”• If you’ve read the original What’s Weird About Norway, you know that Norwegians don’t have a word for sorry. They’ve adopted so many English words into their vocabulary that there is a governmental committee assigned to creating Norwegian words to replace English ones in an attempt to keep Norway Norwegian. If Norwegians had their way, you would never plug in your cell-phone charger. On a warm, sunny day, all previous plans are assumed cancelled, and everyone goes outside to lie in the grass. My first summer working in an office, my boss stopped by five hours before my workday was done. He saw me sitting at my desk and said, “What’re you doing here? So for three straight weeks every spring, graduating seniors are drunk. ’ to here.” Then you drink your cognac on the porch of your cabin in the mountains and go cross-country skiing in a T-shirt and shorts into the sunset, at noon.

”“Actually,” Sjur looked sideways at me as if Kim were the biggest fool in all the world, “I’ve got two.”Welcome to Norway, where the men are named Kim, the women are named Torunn, and citizens are named foreigners. They do, however, have “sorry.” The English word “sorry,” spoken with a heavy Norwegian accent. But no one uses the Norwegian replacements because they’re dumb, made-up words.• Every opportunity Norwegians get to insert some English into the conversation, they do it. Not even to charge your cell phone.• Never hug a Norwegian. They dress in red overalls folded at the waist, purchase cheap or broken red vans, and complete absurd tasks to earn knots on their tassel. Probably because it’s the national color, though I don’t actually know.

” He replied, “Look, I am a bus driver, women these days are highly educated and no one wants to marry an uneducated bus driver. Time and years are flying by and I want a family.” After all, a nice guy, who said he was not looking for a housewife who would cook for him, but someone who would be ready to have a family. Over 80% of Thai immigrants to Sweden are coming as a result of family reunions of Swedish men marrying Thai wives.

I have attended preschool in Norway as both a student and a teacher, worked in Norway, paid my Norwegian taxes, traveled the world on a Norwegian passport, been called into the Norwegian military and fulfilled my civil service, but I’ll never be Norwegian. The next morning, you return to your friend’s friend’s apartment and retrieve the beers you brought but didn’t drink.For them, it was the only explanation as to why the reporter would say an entire sentence in English. You’ll walk away bruised and wondering why your good friend hates you so much.• A Norwegian’s favorite topic of conversation is the weather. But mostly, Norway becomes a sea of drunken, red teenagers having sex in parks. They couldn’t understand that it’s just the way Norwegians talk. “speaks English.”• My favorite English word in the Norwegian language is “face,” spoken in an absurd, Norwegian-accented, American, long-”A” dialect. Imagine that you’re in an airport and two Norwegians happen to sit down behind you. “Weather’s terrible today.” “Weather’s been awful lately.” “I think it’s rained every day this week.” “Finally, it’s sunny! Yet somehow, Norway consistently scores below expectations on the global education scale. The direct translation for the Brazilian word ‘carinhoso’ is affectionate.He wants to be sweet with you in front of everyone in public and he knows no shame to kissing you passionately in front of friends and family.

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American men will rush to get you in bed as quick as possible, while European men don’t appear to have the same rush (or desperation). European men don’t ‘date’ – in the formal way that Americans are used to.

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