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It plays so smooth and wonderful vintage authentic bell sound we all looking for. THIS IS MODELLED AFTER A LATE 60'S EARLY 70'S STRATOCASTER 1 PIECE MAP0LE NECK, BIG HEADSTOCK-4 BOLT NECKPLATE THIS GUITAR WAS MADE AT THE NOW FAMOUS MATSUMOKO FACTORY IN JAPAN.The ST 115 models are a solid investment,but most of all superb guitars which are quality master built worthy. FENDER EVENTUALLY CHOSE THE GRECO FACTORY TO MAKE THE NOW FAMOUS JV SERIES.multiple marriages but only one legal spouse at a time.This can be interpreted as a form of plural mating, as are those societies dominated by female-headed families in the Caribbean, Mauritius and Brazil where there is frequent rotation of unmarried partners.THIS IS A 1984 VINTAGE LAWSUIT FERNANDES STRATOCASTER, HAS THE BEAUTIFUL AND VERY RARE COLOR ''SHERWOOD GREEN ''MAPLE NECK WITH ROSEWOOD FRET BOARD, ALSO THIS GUITAR IS UPGRADED WITH A FULL LOADED PICKGUARD WITH USA 1957/62 FENDER CUSTOMSHOP PICKUPS, ALSO POTS AND SWITCH ARE USA MADE. All these guitars were build better and sounded better than the USA versions and now these guitars are very sought after. Probable a Samick Lazer model,this model made famous by Johnny Winter, we have no info about date being made but my guess is late 80/early 90's decal is also added later on. One nick on the back of the neck and someone screwed once A handle on the top of the guitar which of course left a few holes and they're covered up now. Black Alder body, maple neck with rosewood fret board, bullet truss rod, big headstock, white pickguard, 3 super sounding single coils, 3 bolt neck plate. It is of course a used instrument but has been reasonably cared for over the years, please check the pictures closely and you will find there is not much to fault cosmetically, some scratch marks, little finish chips, scuffs, little dents and scratches here and there on the body, there are no serious issues cosmetically.

No doubt much of the popularity of the G-303 comes from Pat Metheny, who has played this guitar year after year on stages across the world, always amazing audiences with the moving and emotional quality of the G-303 and GR-300 rig.

The other vintage controllers, the G-202 and G-505, are well-built, fine guitars.

But they cannot escape the feel of being really well made Fender copies, no matter how nice they are. The more expensive G-808 has through-neck construction and other nice features, like gold hardware.

In Los Angeles I have seen jazz players using the G-303 plugged straight into a Polytone amp, just for the sound and playability of this great axe.

In terms of sophistication of design and electronics, the weighty Ibanez IMG2010 comes out way ahead of the G-303, but like the Roland G-707, the IMG2010 is a bit of an acquired taste, and its curious body design means that the Ibanez IMG2010 is virtually impossible to play sitting down without a guitar strap!

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