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Business journalist Jon Birger has crunched the data on hetero singlehood and blames massively off-kilter gender ratios -- not whether you do or do not return his first text -- for the woes of women looking for their Mr. Married for 23 years with three kids, Birger said in a recent interview he took on the economics, sociology and demographics of dating to help women realize that the hookup culture, a decline in marriage rates among the college educated and a dearth of marriage-worthy men willing to commit are byproducts of lopsided gender ratios.Skip to content I did experiment with POF this morning and I was surprised that ratio of men/women is much worse for guys then i thought.Its the hardest for guys to find a women that are mid 20s to early 30s as in that age bracket women are scarce and men are plentifull, for guys in their 40s who look for someone their age situation is much better Rich suburbs are toughest for guys, I searched area called Toorak in Mlebourne which is one of the most expensive suburbs, and ratio men/women ( 24- 28 ) years of age was around 15 :1, yes 15 available guys to 1 women, my search returned 34 women seeking men and 480 men seeking women; Things are much better if you are in 40-45 age group, then you have 7-8 guys to 1 women Also its easier for guys in their late teens/early 20s as ratio is about 5:1 Poorer suburbs have healthier odds for men then rich ones, about 6/7:1 Was in a bar yesterday and there was about 3 men per every women and Im being conservative Now you tell me that OZ is not worse than US?I guess the girls just can't resist the attention they receive.I wonder if the womens' age peak at 23 is due to older girls settling down/canceling their profiles, or if it is just because older girls are not as comfortable with online dating as their younger sisters. At 22-23, girls are graduating from college and realizing that they suddenly don't have a stream of men validating them like they used to: they're addicted after eight years of high school and college, and sites like OKCupid let them make up the slack.

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Actually, I'm impressed at the action that I've gotten off the website with this enormous disadvantage. The stats do corroborate my experience on the site.

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